This application allows you to browse your movies/tv shows using your phone (don't have a tab yet...). It uses the UMC information and creates a version that can be used locally on the phone. When starting a media, it will start on the popcorn box.


movie_list.png movie_details.png movie_details2.png

many thanks to the  XBMC team

TV shows

tv-show.png serie.png



many thanks to  SmashD


On the computer

Start the UMCAndroid Plugin from the UMC MediaManager or the system tray

It will create an UMCAndroid folder

On the phone

  • Copy the UMCAndroid folder at the root of the SDcard
  • Install the apk and configure the IP adress and the popcorn type in the settings

On the popcorn box (only for A100 series)

  • install PLoNK

That's all =)

but you have to make sure your network share are mounted (automatically with or manually by navigating to them)


  • I'm getting the "Check nmt Path" error when trying to play a media

You have two solutions:

  • Use the Pathfinder of Revamp to find the correct path and then replace the umc.db on the phone with the umc.db from Revamp Frontend
  • Define the whole path in the library in UMCMediamanager as described  here

Others thanks go to

the  Green Droid framework
the  Noun project for the icons

If you like it and would like to have a Tab version, I'm starting saving money so I can buy one of them =) (or just to help me paying for the google developer license...)