Welcome to the UMC project

UMC will create an extended version of your film library on your NMT.
It will scan your system to collect and manage ALL multimedia files (videos, photos, music). The end result, will be a HTML/PHP or RobG (at the moment only for A-200 and C-200) based frontend which should be used as the user's interface on the NMT. Owners of a A-model should take a look at Ultimate Media Player (UMP).

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Latest Stable Release

Note: the only difference between the 32 and 64bit version of UMC is that that the 64bit version is shipped with MediaInfo 64bit.

Obviously the 64bit version of UMC can also allocate more memory compared to the 32bit version (only needed if you run into any memory problems with the 32bit version).

* V2.1.1

Older Releases

* V2.1.0

* V2.0.8 - Public Alpha

* V2.0.7 - Public Beta

Developer Guide

Feel free to develop new plugins for UMC. A developer guide can be found here.

Join the team

If you would like to join the UMC team and become for example a developer or beta tester, read the needed requirements.

The UMC Team